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Interior Design Portfolio

Modern Home Remodel

My client wanted his 1905 bungalow-style home remodeled initially in the mid-2000s brought up to date.  As a classically trained pianist, lover of the opera, and straight solid geometric lines, my client wanted a place to call home for the next 20 years.  Our main goal was to create an open space with clean, elegant lines; his love of the opera and his prized pianos inspired the contrasting yet beautifully paired black and natural wooden cabinets.  His love of eclectic, very personal art was used throughout. 

His love of primary colors is seen throughout, but his love true love of blue was the driving force behind our choices in his two bathrooms. My collaborative approach ensured we addressed each of his desires resulting in a home he could genuinely call his own. 

Full Bathroom Remodel

For this bathroom design, our client expressed that they would like their bathroom space to be more open and bright. Additionally, they wanted to incorporate a beautiful, large bathtub in addition to a shower. 

We were able to take this vision and create a space that someone wants to return home to. This bathroom space is open, airy, light, and beautiful. In addition to the modern feel, the small touches like the custom flooring and the splashes of color bring our client's vision and personality to life.

Timeless Kitchen Design

For this custom design, we were contracted to remodel and design the kitchen, which our client uses as their all-purpose space. For this client, the kitchen is where they spend most of their time, including their favorite spot to host friends. Because of this, we crafted a space that had immense utility in addition to style. Including an island with other features within it made the kitchen to open up and allow for more space for guests. 

Elevated Custom Interior Design

For this custom design, we were contracted to remodel and design the bedroom, office, and living room. Our client expressed interest in dark woods and dark colors, however, wanted to make the space feel big and open. 

We were able to work with darker woods and dark accent colors to bring out the style of our client without making the space feel small and cramped. We added in lighter tones, lighting fixtures, and ample open windows to ensure the space was open and beautiful. 

Interested in learning more about my collaborative approach? 

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