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Let's Talk... the 5th wall, aka. the Ceiling.

Design, for me, has always been about exploring new ways to push boundaries and break rules, creating beautiful spaces unique and exclusive to each project. So what better way than to use the one canvas most of us assume will be white, not that I have anything against white? I love white, but how about a NOT white ceiling?

This ceiling is gorgeous!!!! Bold, daring, just WOW. The addition of wallpaper in the very detailed coffered ceiling is perfect; it forces you to focus on the craftsmanship of the wood detail. The decision to use a blue wallpaper with clouds and bright red birds is not subtle but works beautifully.


Whether you are a coral fan or not, here are three different and fun ways to use paint alone to bring life to a ceiling. The paint in the first picture from @my.interior.tales brings the paint down 1/3 of the way down the wall, and the art hung over the seam appears to make the ceiling disappear. In the second picture from @homeonthegrove, your focus is immediately drawn upwards, defining the break just below the ceiling edge. Finally, in the third picture from IN COASTAL INSPIRATION, COLOR CONCEPTS shows how simple paint can make a huge difference.


Simple details like reclaimed wood can make a big splash. Creatively using wood to break up the white used throughout is grounding in this example from @Legacy Custom Homes. If you look closely the ceilings on either side of the natural wood is shiplap painted white.

Wood can be used on the ceiling in so many ways... the offset pattern breathes so much warmth and life into this room.


Again,try to step out of your comfort zone... a dark blue denim textured wallpaper was used on the ceiling to bring depth and dimension to this sunroom.

Here a dark, moody green paint in a matte sheen was used to bring texture and depth to this space. Again, a simple, inexpensive design element brings life to what might otherwise be a dull room.

What design is destined for your 5th wall? Paint, textured wallpaper, wood, Or maybe a combination?

Beautiful design is only a call away.


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