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Shop With A Little Help

A Little Help 


What is “A Little Help”

Do you need help sourcing new furniture or accessories for a room refresh?  If all you need is “A little help,” this is the perfect option.  We will shop at your favorite retail stores, such as Pottery Barn, Target, West Elm, etc., all for a flat fee of $650.00



Meet for 2-3 hours to discuss your desired design style, timeline, and budget and take measurements.


The List

A detailed shopping list will be created for you, which you can purchase at your leisure. We will not be held responsible for any issues or returns with any items you buy on your own. However, if you are too busy to proceed with the purchasing and decide you want us to procure all pieces, an additional fee of 20% will be added to the total cost of items purchased.


Install Option

You’re almost there, but you still need A LITTLE MORE HELP with installation; we can install and style  the entire space with all the items we have purchased for an additional 15% of the total shopping list.

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