Chris Hains prides herself on creating beautiful spaces that will stand the test of time by remaining relevant, loved, and functional. She understands that few occupations touch the lives of people like interior design, and that her skill set must encompass not only the creative but the technical. Using that as her guide, her creations become functional spaces that also expertly reflect her client's lifestyle, personality, and interests.


Chris thrives on the challenge of combining traditional and edgy, modern design elements - while making the end result appear effortless. She has a love for all things historical and firmly believes that history has a place in every story. She prides herself on her attention to detail and feels a personal responsibility to follow every detail of project from conception to completion. She listens carefully to understand what motivates each client, plans thoroughly, and fine tunes the design throughout the project, never making a client settle for less than what is perfect to them.

“I am now lucky enough to have taken my lifelong hobby and love of design and turned it into a blossoming profession. I have a sharp eye for people's individual style and a natural grasp of the importance that environment plays in overall happiness. My satisfaction is in combining my my education and knowledge with a client's personal vision to produce beautiful design results." - Chris Hains

After 25 years as a dental hygienist, Chris followed her true passion and attended an accelerated, highly accredited design program at the Heritage School of Interior Design in Denver, CO. Leveraging her innate talent and eye for environmental beauty, she used her education to fine-tune skills that allow her to deliver a highly customized, personal design process. Chris lives with her husband, Pat in Longmont, CO and is the proud mother of two grown children.

"Chris designed my new construction home inside and out. In the early stages, she helped me select a theme, which was a very important piece of groundwork since my taste tends to be all over the map. Once we established the theme, she applied it to my choice of floor plan. Throughout the entire design process, Chris managed to bring things to my attention that I otherwise would not have thought about. No room, closet, or corner was missed. She also used professionalism when making suggestions and offering advice, being sure what I truly wanted came through on the end product. Always remaining a step ahead, she understands what the next stage looks like and has helped me prepare. Chris is able to meet deadlines, is detail-oriented, and her creativity pulls into her work for a truly beautiful end result."