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Can we talk: Collaborative Interior Design: the ins and outs of the creative process?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

No, you don't just wave a magic wand or wish it so.

The process is often slow and meticulous, even tedious at times. But, it is about the details, details, details...

What do you like? What don't you like? Can we move the wall? Will the refrigerator fit? Do we need to move to plumbing, or better yet, can we move the plumbing? What comes first, then second? Design is a well-orchestrated collaboration of many moving parts, including dealing with vendors and craftsmen, ordering supplies, and coordinating schedules, resulting in a well-functioning, beautifully created space you call home. I love the whole process, even solving the problems that always arise because no matter how much you plan, you do not know what exists behind a wall or under the flooring. So please... remember there are always solutions, maybe not what we originally planned, but frequently it is better.


The Process

Getting to know you

What are your expectations, budget, timeline, scope of your project, and design style?

Sign a Contract and Pay for Design Services

Establish working and communications guidelines, and review my policies and expectations for designing your project.

Document the project

We begin by photographing, measuring, and meeting with trades to determine if your dream design is doable. What are the physical limitations, and what can actually be changed?

Design and Source

Create 2D and 3D modeling of your new dream space. I source tile, flooring, cabinets, accessories, furniture, etc. Meet once to review the initial design concept and institute any changes. Then, create a final design proposal, and meet again to go over the details of your new design.

Sign a Contract and Pay for the Implementation

Establish working and communications guidelines, and review my policies and expectations to manage your project.

Implementation and Support

I will order all products, invoice, schedule trades, handle deliveries and returns, and change orders from beginning to end. Serve as your liaison between trades. Deal with unexpected issues so you can go about your everyday life without worry.


My main objective and promise are to deliver an exceptional design reflective of your style, not mine, that you will love and enjoy for years to come.

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