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How do you begin the New Year?

My husband and I begin the new year by purging before the New Year. Someone told me it was good luck, so fingers crossed because my house feels ten times lighter. It has been our go-to process for years. We usually have time between Christmas and New Year's Day because it can be challenging to make progress on projects during that week due to vendors' vacations and time off. I cleaned out my stash of samples, old design magazines, my computer of old images, my closet, and my sock drawer; he is the best at cleaning out the pantry and junk drawers. So, purge on my friends.

We reflect on the previous year and talk about and plan for around-the-house projects, both big and small. Our vacation this year was a cruise on the Danube to visit the traditional Christmas Markets. Europeans know how to do Christmas right. It was so much fun, but note to self: maybe not travel just before Christmas. The week before was crazy hectic; I flew home sick and lost my phone on a tour bus. I would do it all over again, even after losing my phone and getting sick. The stories of unplanned adventures are often the most fun to tell.

Last spring and summer were amazing: lots of rain, a green Colorado all year, and cool temperatures. It would be a spring and summer worth repeating if we could place our orders for our own micro weather patterns.

We have many plans for around-the-house projects. Although we are like the shoe-maker kids, they have no shoes. We have plans for projects but no time. We need to paint the exterior of the house. I would love to repaint the interior, but it really is okay. The guest bathroom needs to be updated; our bedroom and breakfast nook need new window treatments. Our pergola needs to be redone; 24 years of Colorado sun does a number on wood.

A great thing to do is prioritize your projects. It would seem that our pergola and painting the exterior of the house are #1 this year. Fingers crossed.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, upgrading the hall bathroom, or adding a sauna in the basement. Are you looking at adding a pergola or fire pit with new patio furniture? NOW is the time to start planning. It can take 4-12 weeks to plan, order, coordinate contractors, file for permits, etc.

So, cheers to projects and PLANNING!

Let's Design,



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